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Funny Cartoon CharacterWhat is Life’s A Character? LAC is a website full of funny cartoon characters created by Curtoons Cartoon Logo Company. These royalty free images are awesome alternatives to those famous brand characters and are now available for use by you for your marketing and branding purposes. That means you will find high quality, exclusive clip art type images that you can have printed on t-shirts, in brochures, added to logos and publish to websites.

Why Use One of our “Not As Famous” Characters?

  • They are available – unlike many brand characters
  • Our cast of cartoons are just as cute and well drawn
  • Economically priced for “mom and pops” businesses
  • All characters customizable for your company (see below)
  • Royalty free designs with no time limits on use
  • Our characters have better names
  • All designs come with vector art files for optimal printing
  • You Can Call Me With Questions!

These images are not generic run of the mill clip art. They are the same unique characters that are sold as custom designs for hundreds of dollars. Rather than being sold to a single client for prices as high as $600 each, they have been added to this special collection to be sold at much lower prices to numerous but limited clients.

Our original characters are cool enough to replace such famous cartoon characters as these top notch celebrities:

. . .

  1. Snoopy from Peanuts
  2. Wile E Coyote
  3. Tigger from Pooh
  4. Scooby Doo
  5. Fred Flintstone
  6. Curious George
  7. Magilla Gorilla
  8. Toucan Sam
  9. Charlie Brown
  10. Donald Duck

10 Famous Cartoon Character Alternatives


#1 Getty Gopher
• Replaces Pooh’s Gopher

Funny Cartoon Gopher
He’s much more than a funny running gopher! This cartoon varmint is the perfect dude for a menu, billboard or newspaper ad. Help promote your business with one “Go Fer” character. He’s got more action than gopher from Winnie the Pooh. And he’s customizable! $39.00

Funny Gopher Clip Art


#2 Tiffy
• Replaces Hello Kitty

Cute Cartoon Kitty Cat
Tiffy is the adorable cute cartoon kitten that melts any heart. Use her to promote kids products, animal causes or any pet related event. She’s sure to draw a soft eye from anyone that sees her. Forget Hello Kitty and Felix the Cat, purchase Tiffy today! $39.00

Cute Kitten Clip Art


#3 Gherk
• Replaces VeggieTales

Funny Cartoon Pickle Dude
Purchase our royalty free pickle or cucumber picture as your mascot or as part of your marketing plan. He’s a funny green vegetable ready to help market your food product or healthy eating service. Comparable to Larry the Cucumber, Gherk has a bit more attitude and is ready to start promoting today! $29.00

Funny Pickle Clip Art


#5 Tweetles
• Replaces Tweety Bird

Funny Cartoon Tweeting Bird
You can use our royalty free cartoon bird as your mascot, web character or product spokesbird. Tweetles is a fun loving piece of clip art that should bring a smile to anyone who sees him. He not only can do anything Tweety can do, he’s got more spunk than Woodstock! $29.00

Funny Bird Clip Art

#6 Cluckz
• Replaces Foghorn Leghorn

Cool Chicken Character
This is one cool chicken ready to get cluckin about your service or product. Use him for your menu, restaurant signage or website header. He’s got the sunglasses, backward ball cap and sneakers. This all adds up to a character that runs circles around Foghorn Leghorn and outshines Chicken Little. $29.00

Funny Chicken Clip Art


#7 Bird Doggity
• Replaces Snoopy

Funny Cartoon Bird Dog
This fun cartoon dog character is full of personality and he’s the ultimate bird hunter. Use him for a dog service or product or put him to use promoting a bird elimination business. Snoopy costs big bucks to license while Bird Diggity is very affordable. $29.00

Cartoon Bird Dog Clip Art


#8 Uncle Oinky
• Replaces Porky Pig

Funny Cartoon BBQ Pig
Purchase this royalty free BBQ pig character for your next cooking newsletter or BBQ product. He’s a friendly animal chef that would be great as a mascot or sign graphic. He’s funnier than Porky Pig and much cheaper than Piglet. $39.00

Funny Cartoon Pig Clip Art

#9 Life’s A Pet
• Replaces Garfield & Odie

Funny Cartoon Pet Clip Art Characters
Purchase this royalty free cartoon design for your next animal campaign or promotion. These funny characters will help bring a smile to your niche audience related to pets or pet owners. These characters are just as cool as Garfield and Odie but can be yours today. $49.00

Funny Cartoon Pet Owner Clip Art


#10 Cutty
• Replaces Yosemite Sam

Cartoon Irish Bartender picture
Purchase this happy beer tender character for your next pub special or drink specials flyer. He’s a funny Irish chap that would be great as a mascot or website graphic. A great cartoon mascot with a better mustache than Yosemite Sam and available in vector art files for quality printing. $29.00

Funny Irish Bartender Clip Art


#11 Deeno
• Replaces Dino & Barney

Funny cartoon Dinosaur clip art
Bonus character!! Purchase this royalty free dinosaur character for any stone age promotion. He’s a funny dinosaur that would be great for a kids club, product mascot, newsletter or Jurassic project. Better than the Flintstone’s Dino and way cooler than Barney, this guy will not go extinct! $29.00

Cartoon Dinosaur Clip Art


I’ll Customize Any Funny Character Just For You!

Afraid of seeing someone else using one of our characters? Don’t be! Take any one of our characters and let me know exactly how you would like to make it your own. Add a pair of sneakers, add a hat, change colors, move any arm, make them holding an object or just about anything you want.

This is a unique service that I can offer that the large clip art syndicates cannot! My rate is $50 per hour to customize a character and I will shoot you over a quote before I get started on anything.

Once your unique character is drawn and sent to you that version will not be available to any other buyers which makes it exclusive to you. You cannot claim a copyright on the design but it’s still much cheaper than having a character made from scratch.

This is how the customization works:

  1. Pick your favorite cartoon image from my gallery
  2. Email or call to explain how you would like the image altered
  3. I’ll send a quote with the customization cost plus the image fee
  4. Pay the fee through PayPal and the character on my schedule
  5. Once the changes are approved I’ll send you the appropriate files

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