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Article, Tips and Ideas About the Business of Cartoon Characters

Yes, there really is a business of buying and selling cartoon characters. In fact, the selling and licensing of cartoon characters is a billion dollar business! Selling royalty free images or licensing a famous character is a way to extend a trademark or character onto products of completely different natures. Much like taking Snoopy and using him to promote MetLife.

Money is made from cartoon characters through royalties. Royalties are the monies paid to a licensor (client) by the licensee (artist) for the right to use the licensed property (cartoon character). Large royalties are paid for the use of famous comic personalities like Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny and Hello Kitty. Most royalty contracts come with large fees and many restrictions. Very firm limits are placed on these types of contracts.

Because my characters are a bit less famous I sell them as royalty free images. That means that you only have to pay a one time royalty (fee) and you are free to use the character without any further payments. The only limits are those stated in the FAQ’s section which are fairly loose. You can use the characters with no time limits and for multiple purposes. You basically cannot resell the images as your own or sell them to another business.

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