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Cartoon Animals

Funny Cartoon Animal Characters


Getty Gopher

Funny Cartoon Gopher
He’s much more than a funny running gopher! This cartoon gopher is the perfect dude for a menu, billboard or newspaper ad. Help promote your business with one “Go Fer” character.


Funny Gopher Clip Art



Cute Cartoon Kitty Cat
Tiffy is the adorable cute cartoon kitten that melts any heart. Use her to promote kids products, animal causes or any pet related event. She’s sure to draw a soft eye from anyone that sees her.


Cute Kitten Clip Art



Funny Cartoon Tweeting Bird
You can use our royalty free cartoon bird as your mascot, web character or product spokesbird. Tweetles is a fun loving piece of clip art that should bring a smile to anyone who sees him.


Funny Bird Clip Art



Cool Chicken Character
This is one cool chicken ready to get cluckin about your service. Use him for your menu, restaurant signage or website. Don’t be chicken, buy him today.


Funny Chicken Clip Art


Uncle Oinky

Funny Cartoon Pig Clip Art Character.
Purchase this royalty free dog character for your next newsletter or product. He’s a funny tail wagging mutt that would be great as a mascot or sign graphic.


Funny Cartoon Pig Clip Art


Life’s A Pet – Female

Funny Cartoon Pet Clip Art Characters.
Purchase this royalty free cartoon design for your next ad campaign or promotion. Use this image as a great pet logo or for an animal fundraiser.


Funny Cartoon Pet Owner Clip Art


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