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Funny Characters Group B

We’ve got even more new cartoon characters! These funny clip art images are available as royalty free images that can be used on multiple projects with no time limits. Surf through the website and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect design for your needs. These cartoon pictures are all hand drawn and exclusive to our website.

Our top quality, professional characters are the same images we create for clients at well over ten times the cost. Save money and your budget by using one of our royalty free images today.

Funny Pickle Clip Art

Surf Girl

Cute Cartoon Surf Girl
When you need to set a summer mood, be sure and purchase our cute little surfer girl. Great for clothing, promotional pieces or active girl websites.



Funny Pickle Clip Art

Hawaiian Surf Girl

Surfer Girl Cartoon
The Hawaiian version of our surf girl. When you need to give your ads a bit of paradise use this sweet girl picture. Use her on t-shirts, towels or surfboards.



Funny Steer Clip Art

Sir Loin

Cartoon Steer Character
Promote your restaurant, butcher shop or other steak related company. Sir Loin can set you apart from your competition. A nice piece for a web logo.



Funny Pickle Clip Art

Evil D

Funny Cartoon Devil Logo
It’s part devil cartoon and part evil logo. This great image works for Christian uses, humor websites and comedy books. Help make fun of the devil by purchasing our clip art.



Direction Sign Clip Art

Going Somewhere?

Multiple Direction Sign
When you’ve got places to go be sure to use our sign to point the way. This fun direction sign graphic can be used for anything you can think of.



Cartoon Hummer Clip Art


Funny Cartoon Hummer
We’ve got the perfect cartoon picture to use when you need a happy SUV or friendly vehicle. Great for car dealers, auto repair shops or detail businesses. Add him to your cart!



Funny Cannon Clip Art

The Contraption

Cartoon Cannon Clip art
This is one firey cartoon cannon. Use it to help explode your sales. When you need a cool contraption be sure to stop by and grab the great clip art image.



Funny Chicken Clip Art


Cool Chicken Character
This is one cool chicken ready to get cluckin about your service. Use him for your menu, restaurant signage or website. Don’t be chicken, buy him today.



Funny Creature Clip Art


Funny Cartoon Creature
We created him and we’re not even sure what he is! This funny creature is a fun loving image that could help show the world what you’ve got to sell. Order him now!



Cartoon Rooster Clip Art


Funny Clipart Rooster
Rock out with this guitar playin rooster. He’ll sing the praises of your business or product. There are a multitude of things he could be used for.



Cartoon Buzzard Clip Art


Cartoon Buzzard Mascot
Promote anything baseball with this cartoon buzzard clip art picture. He’s all business when it comes to  making a pitch. Great for posters, flyers and newsletters.



Coffee Crab Clip Art

Coffee Crab

Coffee Addict Character
She’s addicted to coffee and ain’t no one happy until she gets hers. This crazy coffee crab is a funny character you can use on t-shirts, aprons and coffee mugs.



Funny Gorilla Clip Art


Cartoon Gorilla Picture
Frilla gorilla is a young, hip-hop ape that is the exact drawing you’d need to call attention to any teenage market. He’s a very welcoming and can brighten anyone’s day.



Surfer Dude Clip Art

Goofy Foot

Cartoon Surf Dude
If you need a cool summer graphic or surfing design this is your guy. Goofy Foot and his surfboard can help call attention to any fun related happenings.



Funny Cute Bears Clip Art


Cute Cartoon Hugging Bears
These very cute hugging bears are a great piece of clip art for anything related to love, dating, couples or Valentines. Use them on cards, websites or labels.



Funny Caterpillar Clip Art


Funny Cartoon Caterpillar
Our very colorful lady caterpillar is a fun clip art image that could be used on a shopping website, in a gift catalog or as a kids graphic. Order and get her now.



Funny Lion Clip Art

LL King J

Cartoon Lion Picture
The king of the jungle is the right image for tons of different projects. Our funny cartoon lion wearing a crown would look fantastic as a mascot or company character.



Funny Mcee Clip Art


Funny Cartoon Mcee Character
Every good product, event or promotion needs a great mceee. Use our nice guy character online or in print. He’s cool and available for purchase immediately.



Funny Fish Clip Art


Funny Cartoon Tropical Fish
A great colorful fish from the tropics that would work well on a pet website, in an aquarium newsletter or on a fish product. We’ll have more fish so check back.



Funny Girl Clip Art

Redie Ornot

Cartoon Red Haired Girl
Everyone could use a cute little red headed girl. Our funny character would be a perfect addition to any kids campaign or as part of a children’s advertisement.



Funny Boy Clip Art

Trippy Towhead

Cartoon Towhead Boy
When you need a funny cartoon kid with a golden mop be sure to check out our little guy character. He’s cute and would look great printed on your next project.



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Katie December 5, 2011 at 1:29 pm

Hi, I’m a stay at home mom & I am sewing Children’s clothes & selling them. I have been looking into making a logo label to sew into the clothes. My little home business is called ‘KatieBug Textiles’
I really like the Katypillar design you offer. My question is; am I aloud to have a logo label made with this design to use. I did read your FAQ section, but in the description for Katypillar it says it is clip art & not knowing these things I am unsure if I can still use it for a woven apparel label.
Thank you for your time,


Curtis December 5, 2011 at 2:39 pm

HI Katie, great to hear from you! Yes, you can use this image as part of your logo and print it on anything that you’d like. These images are meant to be used by people like you that are just starting out and are on a budget. Although you can use it as part of your logo you cannot copyright or trademark this image in your logo. But! Neither can anyone else so you wouldn’t have to worry about anyone else copyrighting it either. I hope that makes sense.


Katie December 5, 2011 at 3:28 pm

Thank you so Much! I’m excited to start using it!


Deepak Bhardwaj May 12, 2012 at 11:46 am

I need a character, who share information with the employees who are working in the financial sector. Look sensible, qualified and entertaining also. Kind of character which attracts everyone. If in the shade of greens will be good enough.
Be in touch with the mail id given.


Curtoons May 21, 2012 at 9:21 am

Hi Deepak, I’m sending an email.


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