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Cartoon People

Funny Cartoon People Clip Art Characters

Purchase any one of our cartoon images for your next commercial project. These images are royalty free and all include vector art files. Also don’t forget that we can make any character unique to your business by customizing it to your specifications. Our customization rate is $50 per hour on top the price of the character. Contact us if you’d like a quick quote.

Wendell Werkle

Cartoon Worker Character
He’s blue collar and he’s ready to go to work for you! Wendell Werkle is a great cartoon character that could be a painter, roofer, handy man or car repair guy. Use him for anything you need.


Funny Worker Clip Art


Bowling Shirt Guy

Funny Cartoon Bowler Character
Who says more about middle America than Bowling Shirt Guy? He’s the typical lazy guy that loves bowling and cutting the grass in his dress shoes. Use BSG on almost any type of advertising.


Funny Bowling Guy Character



Cartoon Cuban Character
He’s got one cool fedora and he’s a great Cuban looking character. Use our guy to help advertise anything you have related to the Latin American audience. Immediate purchase!


Cuban Character Clip Art


The Pencil Kid

Funny Cartoon Kid
What better way to reach the youth market than with a cool kid and his pencil? Use our kid character on t-shirts, signs, banners or in your next school letter. Great kid clip art.


Funny Kid Clip Art


Surf Girl

Cute Cartoon Surf Girl.
When you need to set a summer mood, be sure and purchase our cute little surfer girl. Great for clothing, promotional pieces or active girl websites.


Cartoon Surfer Girl Clip Art


Life’s A Pet – Female

Funny Cartoon Pet Clip Art Characters.
Purchase this royalty free cartoon design for your next ad campaign or promotion. Use this image as a great pet logo or for an animal fundraiser.


Funny Cartoon Pet Owner Clip Art


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Casey Kasper August 4, 2012 at 1:41 pm

I’m looking for someone to “refine/tune” several of my own characters. Is this something you would be interested in?


Curtoons August 4, 2012 at 5:19 pm

Hi Casey, it would depend on the characters and what fine tuning was needed. Can you send an image with changes needed?


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