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This fun website is another production of Shaggy Duck™ Studios under the Curtoons Cartoon Company brand.

I’m Curtis D. (for Dean) Tucker. I am a professional cartoonist that has found an amazing connection with the World Wide Web. I love combining my cartooning ability with my online money making ventures. It’s the perfect opportunity for a guy to stay home, draw cartoons in his underwear (not that I would ever do that) and create a small cartooning empire.

What’s up with the sneakers on many of my sites? I’ve fallen in love with the sneaker wearing, casual lifestyle and I want to spread that easy going style to everyone that I can. I’ve even started a lifestyle brand called “Make Life Happy™”. You can check out that inspirational website at none other than www.makelifehappy.com. The site will be fully launched soon.

Since I built my first cartoon website in 1998 I’ve been hooked on the Internet. When Google came along I was able to quit my full time job and began building my online empire. I now run over 100 websites and make money from at least 6 different cartoon ventures.

This website was created to help spread my funny little cartoon images all over the Internet. Many people ask why I give away free things and especially free cartoons. The reason is FREE stuff makes me very good money!

I also enjoy creating fun things online and sharing them with as many good people as I can. I currently run a cartoon logo design company, a paper greeting and gift line, a free clip art website, a community entertainment portal, a dog site for pet owners, a baby site, a few online t-shirt shops, almost a dozen blogs and more!

I hope you enjoy my art and if you do I would love for you to tell everyone you know to drop by and sample some of my work themselves.

Like I say, “Life is short, don’t dilly-dally”. Have fun and enjoy every day. I hope my cartoons will bring a smile to your day.

My cartoon studio is located in Enid, Oklahoma.

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