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Promote Summer with these Cute Surfer Girl Cartoons

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When it comes to summer promotions there’s nothing better than using cute cartoon characters. I’ve created these two darling surfer girls to help you promote anything related to the youth market, surfing, summer, vacation, girls, Hawaii or the beach. If you are selling bathing suits or surfboards you cannot lose with either of these summer images.

Each image come with high resolution files including vector art files. And don’t forget I will now customize any of my characters just for your business. I can remove the board on these girls, add a company name of change their clothing. These are fantastic designs to help promote your next project.

Cute Surfer Girl Clip Art

Blondie Sands

Cute Cartoon Surf Girl
When you need to set a summer mood, be sure and purchase our cute little surfer girl. Great for clothing, promotional pieces or active girl websites.



Cute Cartoon Girl Clip Art

Tawny Palms

Hawaiian Surfer Girl Cartoon
The Hawaiian version of our surf girl. When you need to give your ads a bit of paradise use this sweet girl picture. Use her on t-shirts, towels or surfboards.




Cute cartoon girls wearing bathing suits or athletic top and wrap. Girls are holding surf boards. Flowers in their hair. Anklet wrapped around their ankle. Blondie is fair complected, blue eyed and blonde haired. Tawny is tan, brown eyed and has brunette hair.

Royalty-Free Uses

Blondie and Tawny are the perfect pair to brand your promotion or business. I am looking to increase the exposure of these two characters and would love to have you use them in your advertising. I see these two eventually being used for:

  • Product Labeling
  • Coloring Books
  • Animated Videos
  • Stickers
  • Clothes Brand
  • Youth Website

Contact me for more information. curtis@curtoons.com

These images are copyrighted and may not be used without purchasing the high quality file formats. Please do not copy these to your website or blog.

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