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Top 30 Disney Characters

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There aren’t any characters in the world more famous than those Walt Disney characters that have brought smiles to everyone for many years. Walt Disney and his creative staff created and drew literally thousands of cast members in movies, TV shows, shorts, books, plays and more.

There are a few sites that list every character Disney ever created and we welcome you to browse their collections. We, on the other hand, have chosen to list the most famous of the famous and we’ve tried to bring you a few facts that not everyone knows. And because we are a cartoon website our list only includes the most well known cartoon characters and not any famous animated cast members.

Enjoy our list of the top Disney cartoon characters and link to this page as a reference. These are our favorites. Please do not copy and republish our list. Enjoy!

Mickey Mouse Picture

1.) Mickey Mouse – 1927
Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks together, created a mouse called Mortimer in 1927. Within a year they had renamed him Mickey Mouse and created several short animated films. The most popular short was called “Steamboat Willie“. From that point on, Disney created merchandise, films and an amusement park, all around a little mouse.

2.) Minnie Mouse

3.) Donald Duck – 1934
If Mickey is the most well known Disney character, Donald Duck is the most popular. He was created by Walt and Dick Lundy and has a little known middle name, Fauntleroy. Donald’s voice is the most identifiable of all cartoon characters. You’ve seen Donald on many Disney products but that’s not the only place you may have noticed him. Donald is also the mascot of the Oregon Ducks.

4.) Goofy – 1932
Goofy was originally known as Dippy Dawg the Goof. He officially became Goofy in 1939. Oh, by the way, Goofy is a dog.

5.) Pluto

6.) Winnie the Pooh

7.) Peter Pan

8.) Tinkerbell

9.) Cinderella

10.) Snow White

11.) Bambi

12.) Sleeping Beauty

13.) Baloo

14.) Ariel

15.) Alice (in Wonderland)

16.) Aladdin

17.) Chip ‘n Dale

18.) Dumbo

19.) Pinocchio

20.) Tigger

21.) Jiminy Cricket

22.) Mulan

23.) Piglet

24.) Daisy Duck

25.) Lady

26.) Tramp

27.) Thumper

28.) Pongo

29.) Mowgli

30.) Simba

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