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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you and what is this site all about?
We are professional cartoon logo and custom character designers creating cartoon designs since 1981 and have been doing business online since 1999 under the Curtoons Cartoon Company brand.

We were looking for ways of saving you money on quality t-shirt and company cartoon characters while trying to cut down on our workload and turn-around time. We feel there are not many professionally created cartoon characters available for the little guy. Custom work is expensive, licensing is complicated and cheap clip art just doesn’t cut the mustard. That leaves a gaping hole for us to fill. Awesome cartoon characters at awesome prices for awesome clients.

Our hope is that you will take our cartoon characters and create your own t-shirts, your own logos and your own custom cartoon designs.

How do I purchase a character?
Simple. Find the character that you would like, click on the add to cart button, purchase. You can use your PayPal account or any major credit card. You can also email us and we’ll arrange for you to mail your payment if needed.

Once we receive payment we will send you a confirmation. We will then email you a page that will allow you to download the vector .EPS file, a transparent .PNG file and a high resolution .JPEG file.

Will I own all rights to the character I purchase?
Nope. We retain all rights to each cartoon character. You are entering into a non-exclusive agreement to use the character. All rights are owned by Curtis D. Tucker d.b.a. Shaggy Duck Studios.

Can I buy “All Rights” to a design?
Nope. It is likely that the image has already been purchased by another client as a royalty free image which would erase the possibility of obtaining all rights.

Can more than one person use the same character?
Yep. This is a free market system. Two people can use the same character for the same purpose – may the best man win. The odds are pretty slim that two people will use a character in exactly the same way in the same location.

Our characters can be used in a variety of ways, on a variety of products, with a variety of original content on your part. Think outside the box and be the first to use one of characters in the most original way. If you slightly alter our characters you can make them unique to you.

Just as multiple companies use Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny and Superman, multiple companies are allowed to use our characters. But then, that’s why the cost is cheaper than creating an original custom cartoon design.

Our characters are not “dirt” cheap. These are not pieces of clip art meant to be used by thousands of people. We’ve struck a balance by saving you money on a professionally designed character while keeping the price high enough that not every Tom, Dick and Harry can afford the cost associated with their use. If we see that a character is beginning to saturate a market we reserve the right to retire it ourselves which makes it even more valuable to you.

Can I copyright or trademark your characters?
Nope. Our characters are already copyrighted by us. We do not file for trademarks on this collection of characters due to the nature of their use.

Can I resell your character or include it in my own CD collection?
Nope. Your purchase does not include the ability to transfer this character to a third party. You may not use these characters to create logos for anyone other than yourself. These characters cannot be burned to a CD and given to a third party other than your printer. These characters cannot be added to any other clip art collection.

You may not add these characters to any clip art collection online or otherwise. The purchase of a character is for your personal or business use only. No third parties can enter into an agreement concerning one of our characters.

Do I have to pay more each time I use the character?
Nope. These characters are royalty free images. Your one time purchase allows you unlimited use, forever, of these characters in accordance with the rules on this site.

Royalty free characters allow you the freedom that trademarked and licensed characters do not. Licensed images are governed by contracts that define how the images may be used. Users who want to make sure a particular image won’t be used by a competitor, for example, will want to invest in a licensed character. These images are often more expensive and contain more complex agreements.

Can I print your characters on merchandise and sell it?
Yep. That’s the point of this whole site now isn’t it? We create fun, wacky characters and you print them on custom t-shirts and merchandise which you then turn around and sell. Whatever you make you get to keep.

In other words, let’s say you buy character A for $29. You add a funny saying of your own and print it on a million t-shirts and sell them for a profit of $7.42 each. You would pocket over 741 million dollars and we’d still be stuck with our $29.

These cartoon characters are all about you! This is your opportunity to open a t-shirt business and use our low cost characters to get it going. You can sell greeting cards with our images on them but you cannot sell our images to Hallmark to use on their cards. Does that make sense?

Can I use a character as part of my company logo?
Yep. These are the exact same style and quality of characters we create for our custom clients at a fourth of the cost. Use these characters in unique ways with unique fonts and you’ll have a logo just as original as one created by a top notch advertising agency.

Why use a royalty free design rather than a custom design?
Price. These designs are one-third to one-fourth the cost of a custom design.

Speed. These designs are ready now! No waiting, no turn-around time.

Change. If you decide to change your name or character you won’t have a fortune invested in the design.

The cost is low enough that you can purchase multiple designs for your own custom t-shirt store.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, over 50% of small businesses fail in the first year and 95% fail within the first five years. This is your opportunity to test the waters on your dream company and not break the bank on a custom cartoon character design.

Will there be more characters to choose from?

Yep. New characters will be added weekly with the intent of adding new characters almost daily. After many years of creating custom cartoon logos we understand what clients are looking for and we will try to fill each and every one of those markets. We also take requests but absolutely will not guarantee that they will be created.

What files do I get and how do I get them?

All designs are created as vector graphics. We supply vector .EPS files. We also provide high resolution .JPEG and transparent .PNG files. Other formats are available upon request.

All files will eventually be downloaded online. You will be emailed a link or the actual files depending on which character you’ve purchased.

Why are the characters faded with circles on them?

To help prevent theft characters are displayed as low resolution .GIF files that are 10% transparent which gives them that faded look. The circle and the C are our copyright symbols.

Your image will be 100% bright with all copyright symbols removed. Email us if you would like to view a higher resolution .JPG before you purchase. You also have the right to change colors on any design yourself.

Will you alter a character for me?
Heck yes! Just ask. I charge $50 per hour to make changes to any of my images.

Can you repeat the restrictions?
Our characters themselves may not be sold, given away, leased, sub-licensed or loaned to another party in any way shape or form. Upon purchase you agree to take all steps necessary to prevent any third party from duplicating or distributing our characters.

Usage of characters that would be defamatory, offensive, por no-grafic, or otherwise unlawful uses is expressly prohibited. The use of a character in whole or in part without paid permission is expressly denied.

Are these images created in India with Chinese child labor?
As far as we know they are not. These original characters are created by Curtis D. Tucker in the United States of America. A minor number of designs may be sketched by professional outside freelancers.

Can I use a cartoon character for free?
Yep. As long as you come mow the lawn once, trimming and bagging included. Clean the art studio, windows included. Wash the car and work one day at a soup kitchen feeding the poor. No kidding.

Another way to use a character for free is to trade. Things to trade for…  free web hosting for a year, pedal car stuff, old comic books, bubble gum machines, sneakers, golf clubs, old marbles, fun services and more. Trading doesn’t happen that often so don’t feel bad if your offer is declined.

Can I alter a character?
Yep. Use our characters as a base for your own original ideas. Altered characters must still conform to the rules above and cannot be resold as new characters or combined with a client logo for a 3rd party.

Who would use your characters?

Start-ups, mom and pops, churches, individuals, schools, organizations, clubs, teams, grandma’s, small businesses, temporary entities, youth groups, entrepreneurs, the artistically challenged, the budget minded owner.

Those who need to use characters in a variety of ways at a reasonable cost. We want you to make money and brand yourself with our characters!

What if I’d like to commission a custom character design?
Our bread and butter has always been to create original, custom cartoon logos. We lead the Internet in cartoon logo design and have worked on projects for clients in every corner of the world.

Our goal is to create more budget oriented royalty free designs but we would love to send you a custom cartoon quote. Visit our portfolio and fill out our quote form at The Curtoons Cartoon Company.

How is the price of a character determined?
The price of a character varies from image to image. The final price of a cartoon character depends on the complexity, popularity, uniqueness and availability of the image and other non quantifiable factors. Prices can vary from about US$19 for a simple image to US$99 for a highly popular character.

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