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Funny Characters Group A

Enjoy a quick guide to the newest cartoon characters added to our clip art collection. These funny characters will soon have their own pages full of ideas, tips and uses on how to use them.

They all have quick payment buttons for immediate purchase in case you find a few that you like. As soon as we receive your payment confirmation we’ll fire the files off to you in an email. We are currently upgrading to an automatic system that will immediately send you a download link.

You’ll find a link at the bottom of the page to a few more pages full of additional cartoon characters that are available as royalty free clip art pictures. Enjoy your stroll through the site and please link to us so we don’t get lost in the next Google shuffle.

Funny Koala Clip Art


Cartoon Soccer Koala Bear
Royalty free cartoon koala bear picture for a team mascot or sport product. Use our funny picture of Koola holding a soccer ball for your next sports related event.



Cartoon Tiger Clip Art

Miney Moe

Cool Cartoon Tiger Character
Miney Moe is our funny, vine swinging cartoon Tiger. He’s ready to help promote almost any product or service especially anything child related. Catch him today!



Funny Bird Clip Art


Funny Cartoon Tweeting Bird
You can use our royalty free cartoon bird as your mascot, web character or product spokesbird. Tweetles is a fun loving piece of clip art that should bring a smile to anyone who sees him.



Coffee Cup Character Clip Art


Funny Cartoon Coffee Cup
Dipper is a great funny character that could be used for a bagel shop, coffee house or any type of bistro. He’s fun and ready to help you promote your next product, service or happening.



Funny Worker Clip Art

Wendell Werkle

Cartoon Worker Character
He’s blue collar and he’s ready to go to work for you! Wendell Werkle is a great cartoon character that could be a painter, roofer, handy man or car repair guy. Use him for anything you need.



Funny Coyote Clip Art

Otie Coyote

Cool Cartoon Coyote Character
Otie Coyote is a wonderful cartoon character to use for your next newsletter or mailing. Use him to highlight a section or to help point out a fact. Our characters can be used for just about anything.



Cartoon Bird Dog Clip Art

Bird Doggity

Cartoon Bird Dog Clip Art
This is one wacky bird dog! He’s a dog that flies like a bird while carrying one on his head. Use him for fun hunting projects or as a bird catching design. Everyone will love this high flying character!



Funny Dookie Clip Art


Funny Cartoon Doody Character
There’s no glamorous way to describe Dookie other than the fact the he’s a Doody Head. Where would you need this funny character? We don’t know, that’s where your creativity comes in. LOL!



Coffee & Donut Clip Art

Donut Joe

Cartoon Coffee Cup & Donut
Nothing says breakfast or break better than coffee and a donut. Use our funny character for a restaurant, social event or police get together. Joe would even be great on a website or store front.



Funny Gorilla Clip Art

Rilla Berry

Purple Cartoon Gorilla Pic
He’s purple, grape or just berry funny. Use Rilla Berry on any children’s products or candy labels. He’s more than an ordinary ape, he’s a real cool swinger! Use this drawing today!



Funny BBQ Cow Clip Art

Hip Steeria

Funny Cartoon BBQ Cow Cook
Let Hip Steeria help cook up some attention at your next BBQ event or on a BBQ label. He’ll steer your customers in the right direction so purchase the art files for him now.



Funny Pickle Clip Art


Funny Cartoon Pickle Dude
Purchase our royalty free pickle or cucumber picture as your mascot or as part of your marketing plan. He’s a funny green vegetable ready to help market your product or service.



Funny Monster Clip Art

Dr. Groove Thing

Hip Cartoon Monster Dude
If you have to ask what he is or what he should be used for you most likely don’t need this groovy monster. But if he just blew your socks off snatch him up and start promoting now!



Funny Bowler Clip Art

Bowling Shirt Guy

Funny Cartoon Bowler Character
Who says more about middle America than Bowling Shirt Guy? He’s the typical lazy guy that loves bowling and cutting the grass in his dress shoes. Use BSG on almost any type of advertising.



Happy Chicken Dude Clip Art

Sir Roosta

Happy Cartoon Rooster
Show the happy side of your business with the help of our smiling rooster/chicken guy. Great for food and restaurant promos he’s sure to bring a smile to anyone that sees him.



Cuban Guy Clip Art


Cartoon Cuban Character
He’s got one cool fedora and he’s a great Cuban looking character. Use our guy to help advertise anything you have related to the Latin American audience. Immediate purchase!



Running Monkey Clip Art

Run A Monk

Running Cartoon Monkey
When you need to show speed or how quickly you can get things done, consider using our running monkey to help get that idea across. Use him in a book, newsletter or poster.



Funny Salmon Clip Art


Funny Cartoon Salmon
Anytime you’ve got a fish related event be sure to use Sal. He’s the happy fish that brings a smile to any face. You are free to print him on anything or use him on your website.



Cool Monkey Clip Art


Cool Cartoon Monkey
If you need someone that’s hip, cool or just way out man, Monkster Monkey is your guy. He can help point your customers to where they need to be. Get him today.



Funny Rooster Clip Art


Crazy Cartoon Rooster
If you’re selling chicken, breakfast, eggs or any other poultry item, you’ll love this rooster. Use him on your website or as your company mascot. He’s one proud character.



Funny Kid Clip Art

The Pencil Kid

Funny Cartoon Kid
What better way to reach the youth market than with a cool kid and his pencil? Use our kid character on t-shirts, signs, banners or in your next school letter. Great kid clip art.



Cartoon Horse Clip Art


Smiling Cartoon Horse
All dressed up and everywhere to go! Our smiling horse in his tuxedo is ready to promote any horse related projects, pet awareness campaigns or even a local social event.



Funny Reporter Clip Art

Cub Porter

Cartoon Cub Reporter
When you need someone to cover the story or the promotion, we’ve got your guy. This fun cub reporter is ready to jump into action on your next project. Use him in print or online.



Hookah Bird Clip Art


Hip Cartoon Hookah Bird
No matter what you’re smoking, this cool bird can help promote it. He and his hip hookah gear are ready to help take your advertising to the next level, literally. Can you dig it?



Cute Kitten Clip Art


Cute Cartoon Kitty Cat
Tiffy is the adorable cute cartoon kitten that melts any heart. Use her to promote kids products, animal causes or any pet related event. She’s sure to draw a soft eye from anyone that sees her.



Funny Gopher Clip Art

Getty Gopher

Funny Cartoon Gopher
He’s much more than a funny running gopher! This cartoon gopher is the perfect dude for a menu, billboard or newspaper ad. Help promote your business with one “Go Fer” character.



Funny Lightning Bugs Clip Art

L Bugz

Funny Cartoon Lightning Bugs
Whether you call them lightning bugs or fire flies, they are the perfect cartoon bugs for a 4th of July promo or any summer event. Use these two cute little critters on your next printing.



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